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8th edition: 10 April - 14 April 2019

Yo no me llamo Rubén Blades (Ruben Blades Is Not My Name) (2019 Feature Film)

Abner Benaim | Panama, Argentina, Colombia | 2018 | doc | color | DCP | 85' | Spanish | e.s.

Salsa legend, presidential candidate, thinker and comic-book collector: who is Rubén Blades? This candid, surprising portrait of the salsa singer provides insight into his life. Featuring archival footage and interviews with colleagues and admirers, including Andy Montañez, Sting and Paul Simon.

Gabriel García Márquez once called him “the most popular unknown person in the world”. Rubén Blades is world famous as a salsa musician, singer and songwriter. He made 40 albums during his 50-year career and won 17 Grammys. The salsa legend with his political lyrics is a Harvard graduate with a degree in international law, was a presidential candidate in his home country of Panama and acted in Hollywood films (Robert Rodriguez’s Once Upon a Time in Mexico for example). From 1995 to 1999 he was also Panama’s Minister for Tourism.

Director and fellow countryman Abner Benaim’s camera team gained access to Rubén Blades’ well protected private life. From rehearsals and film sets to places from his youth and his apartment in New York: “You are the first to be allowed to film here and the last”. Together with Benaim, Blades returns to Panama’s past. Filled out by wonderful archival footage from his rich career, this creates a unique portrait of the most famous unknown.

Place: The Cinemas 3

Date: 10 April 2019

Time: 22:30

Duration: 1:05

Place: The Cinemas 3

Date: 11 April 2019

Time: 20:15

Duration: 1:05

Place: The Cinemas 3

Date: 14 April 2019

Time: 19:15

Duration: 1:05

Year in Festival
Abner Benaim
Mauro Colombo
Gaston Girod
Carlos Rossini
Rubén Blades
Gilberto Santa Rosa
Paul Simon
Felipe Guerrero
Rubén Blades
Abner Benaim
Gema Juarez Allen
Year of Production
Abner Benaim

Director, producer and scriptwriter Abner BENAIM (1971, Panama) studied international relations at the University of Pennsylvania in the USA before attending the Tel Aviv film academy in Israel. He has directed multiple prize-winning documentaries including Invasíon (2014) about the US invasion of Panama in 1989. That documentary was nominated for an Oscar. He has had his own production company in Panama City, Apertura Films, since 2004.


(seelection) Round Trip to Panama (2002), Good Vibes (2004, doc), El otro lado (2005, TV series), Chance (2009), Empleadas y patrones (2010, doc), Invasión (2014, doc), Zachrisson (2016, short doc), Yo no me llamo Rubén Blades/Ruben Blades Is Not My Name (2018)