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8th edition: 10 April - 14 April 2019

Tehran: City of Love (2019 Feature Film)

Ali Jaberansari | United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Iran | 2018 | color | DCP | 102' | Farsi | e.s.

A former bodybuilder perks up when he gets the chance to train a young athlete, an overweight receptionist uses her sexy voice to seduce men on the telephone and a downcast religious singer decides to become a wedding entertainer. Three stories about love and loneliness in Tehran, in a film full of drily comic moments.

Three lonely people, each looking for love in their own ways. This is hard enough in any big city – never mind in Tehran, where individual freedoms can’t be taken for granted. In a sexy voice on the telephone, an overweight receptionist seduces men who wouldn’t look twice at her real 'me'. In revenge, her sexy alter ego stands up every single one of the dates she makes. A former bodybuilding champion now earns a living as a personal trainer. When he gets a promising young sportsman as a client, he drops everything else, even a very promising acting job for a well-known French director. A singer at religious funerals is dumped by his fiancée. He tries to find new purpose in life by retraining as a singer at weddings and parties. That’s a lot more attractive to women, his friend assures him.

The protagonists’ search is subtly and gently sketched in this bittersweet tragicomedy supported by the Hubert Bals Fund. All three of them are looking for warmth and connection in a society that doesn’t embrace them back.

Place: The Cinemas 2

Date: 11 April 2019

Time: 21:30

Duration: 1:10

Place: The Cinemas 2

Date: 12 April 2019

Time: 13:15

Duration: 1:10

Year in Festival
Ali Jaberansari
Mohammad Reza Jahanpanah
Forough Ghajabegli
Mehdi Saki
Amir Hessam Bakhtiari
Behnaz Jafari
Amir Reza Alizadeh
Aram Mahzari
United Kingdom
The Netherlands
Ashkan Mehri
Hamed Sabet
Babak Jalali
Production Company
Here & There Productions
Production Design
Payam Foroutan
Reel Suspects
Ali Jaberansari
Maryam Najafi
Sound Design
Hossein Abolsedgh
Year of Production
Ali Jaberansari

Ali JABERANSARI (1981, Iran) moved to Vancouver, Canada in his teens. After spending a year attending Abbas Kiarostami's filmmaking workshop back in Tehran, he enrolled at the London Film School. His graduation short film, Aman (2011), won awards at Premiers Plans Film Festival in Angers, France and at Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival. His feature film debut, Falling Leaves (2013), premiered at Montreal World Film Festival in 2013. Tehran: City of Love (2018) is his second feature film.


Aman (2011, short), Falling Leaves (2013), Tehran: City of Love (2018)