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8th edition: 10 April - 14 April 2019

Sons of Denmark (2019 Feature Film)

Ulaa Salim | Denmark | 2019 | color | DCP | 120' | Danish, Arabic | e.s.

Cornered by xenophobia, two young men become embroiled in a devilish dilemma. In response to intimidation, Zakaria decides it's time to act, violently if need be. In Copenhagen, a member of the intelligence community tries to combat the threat professionally.

A year after a deadly bomb attack in Denmark, ultra-nationalist politician Martin Nordahl and his National Movement are leading in the polls. In this climate, 19-year-old Zakaria feels compelled to act to protect his own and his family’s safety. However, to do what he feels is necessary to turn the political tide, he needs to abandon his mother and little brother. He gets involved in a radical organization, where he forms a bond with Ali. The two men are concerned about the current state of the country, which is turning on its own citizens because of their migration background, and decide to act. However, they are both just tools in the hands of people with power.

This political thriller has shades of traditional tragedy and revolves around the question: How do you stay calm when society succumbs to fear and hate? The fact that the film plays out mostly at night, or in places the sun never shines, underlines its dark undercurrent and claustrophobic atmosphere.

Place: The Cinemas 1

Date: 12 April 2019

Time: 17:15

Duration: 1:32

Place: The Cinemas 6

Date: 13 April 2019

Time: 17:30

Duration: 1:32

Year in Festival
Ulaa Salim
Eddie Klint
Zaki Youssef
Mohammed Ismail Mohammed
Imad Abul-Foul
Rasmus Bjerg
Jenna Mangulad
Lewand Othman
Daniel Mühlendorph Jensen
Production Company
Hyæne Film
Production Design
Silje Dammen
New Europe Film Sales
Ulaa Salim
Sound Design
Rune Kristiansen
Year of Production
Ulaa Salim

Ulaa SALIM (1987, Denmark) studied at the National Film School of Denmark. He uses his personal experience as his inspiration. Together with his partner and producer Daniel Mühlendorph, he created the production company Hyanene Film. Salim's short film debut Vore Fædres Sønner (2015) was also shown at IFFR. His first feature, Danmarks sønner (2019), had its world premiere in Rotterdam.


(selection) Forever Young (2012, short) Min bror/My Brother (2012, short), Det rene hjerte/The Pure Heart (2014, short doc), Vore Fædres Sønner/Our Fathers' Sons (2015, short), Danmarks sønner/Sons of Denmark (2019)