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8th edition: 10 April - 14 April 2019

Joel (2019 Feature Film)

Carlos Sorín | Argentina | 2018 | color | DCP | 100' | Spanish | e.s.

Joel Noguera wins our hearts playing a nine-year-old adopted boy, but the inhabitants of a small town in Patagonia are less taken with him. Subtle drama about adoption and living together. Veteran filmmaker Carlos Sorín (Historias minimas) makes unease, good intentions, and the complex balance between these palpable in every scene.

So there he is at the table, their brand-new adopted child. Suspicious look, messy hair. Joel is nine – older than Cecilia and Diego had expected. He doesn’t say much more than 'yes' and 'no'. Building a new family life apparently involves a lot of trial and error. A bigger problem is that Joel does talk at school, where he boasts about leading a gangster lifestyle and taking cocaine. The other parents protest about the bad influence he is having on their children.

All of which makes Joel more than a beautiful adoption drama with great acting. Argentine film veteran Carlos Sorín investigates how it is to live with an outsider. When should you sacrifice your own interests for those of another? The action takes place in a small town in Patagonia – where blankets of snow and friendly manners cover up mistrust and hypocrisy. In the meantime Joel Noguera, the boy who plays Joel, steals our hearts. Sorín found him at a bus station.

Place: The Cinemas 6

Date: 11 April 2019

Time: 13:30

Duration: 1:17

Place: The Cinemas 5

Date: 12 April 2019

Time: 21:15

Duration: 1:16

Place: The Cinemas 5

Date: 13 April 2019

Time: 10:45

Duration: 1:16

Year in Festival
Carlos Sorín
Iván Gierasinchuk
Joel Noguera
Victoria Alemida
Diego Gentile
Ana Katz
Emilce Festa
Gustavo Daniele
Mohamed Rajid
Nicolás Sorin
Juan Pablo Buscarini
Production Company
Pampa Films
Latido Films
Carlos Sorín
Sound Design
José Luis Díaz
Year of Production
Carlos Sorín

Carlos SORÍN (1944, Argentina) is a director, screenwriter, cinematographer, and producer. Originally, Sorín worked as a commercial filmmaker. His feature film debut La película del rey (1986) won five Silver Condor awards in Argentina. He subsequently made more feature films, short films and TV series. Winner of more than 26 awards, Historias mínimas (2002) is his most acclaimed feature. Joel (2018) had its European premiere at IFFR.


La película del rey/A King and His Movie (1986), La era del ñandú (1986, short), Eversmile, New Jersey (1989), Historias mínimas/Minimal Stories (2002), Ensayo (2003, TV series), 18-j (2004), Bombón - El perro (2004), Manos libres - El caso del bebé de los Perales (2005, TV doc series), El camino de San Diego/The Road to San Diego (2006), La ventana/The Window (2008), Argentina del Bicentenario. Las voces y los silencios (2010, short), El gato desaparece/The Cat Vanishes (2011), Días de pesca/Gone Fishing (2012), Joel (2018)