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8th edition: 10 April - 14 April 2019

El despertar de las hormigas (Hormigas) (2019 Feature Film)

Antonella Sudasassi | Costa Rica, Spain | 2019 | color | DCP | 94' | Spanish

A young mother in Costa Rica runs out of patience. For too long, everything has been about her children, her husband and her family. Time to take matters into her own hands and organize life the way she wants it. Which is easier said than done in a conservative society, a poor family and a cramped home.  

With two daughters, a busy household and a demanding part-time job as a seamstress, Costa Rican Isa (Daniela Valenciano) has it tough. When her husband starts joking about a third child during a birthday party – a son this time, please – she’s had enough.

Antonella Sudasassi’s intimate feature-film debut movingly portrays Isa’s silent emancipation. She starts rebelling against the conservative assumption that the only things women are good for is cleaning and making babies. Daniela Valenciano’s subtle acting makes the mental change tangible. During her scarce private moments, she also discovers that she is young, curious and sexually active. Time to take matters into her own hands, in other words, and to organize her life in such a way that she has space for herself. This is precisely what El despertar de las hormigas is about: the meticulous camerawork emphasizes how small the house is and how little space there is for Isa’s self-development.

Place: The Cinemas 1

Date: 11 April 2019

Time: 18:45

Duration: 1:14

Place: The Cinemas 1

Date: 13 April 2019

Time: 22:15

Duration: 1:14

Place: The Cinemas 4

Date: 14 April 2019

Time: 15:45

Duration: 1:14

Year in Festival
Antonella Sudasassi
Costa Rica
Year of Production
Antonella Sudasassi

Author and director Antonella SUDASASSI (1986, Costa Rica) studied media management and audiovisual production at the University of Costa Rica. She participated in the Berlinale Talents program at the Guadalajara film festival. El despertar de las hormigas is her first feature-length film.



Descartable (2008, short), De cómo para Cecilia el rojo dejó de ser fuego (2010, short), El despertar de las hormigas: niñez (2016, short), El despertar de las hormigas/Hormigas (2019)