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8th edition: 10 April - 14 April 2019

Jusqu'à la garde (Custody) (2018 Feature Film)

Xavier LEGRAND | France | 2017 | color | DCP | 94' | French | e.s.

This is as bad as it gets when divorced parents fight for custody of their son – a heartrending role by young Thomas Gioria. Making his feature debut, Legrand is inspired by both Kramer vs. Kramer and The Shining. This kitchen-sink thriller marks him as a talent to watch. Awarded for Best Director in Venice.

From the very first scene with the judge, who reads out a statement by their 11-year-old son Julien, the tension between the former spouses is palpable. The nervous mother (Léa Drucker) accuses the colossal father (Denis Ménochet) of threats and violence; he says that she is trying to turn their child against him. The elder daughter goes her own way, but Julien is caught in the middle. It’s no coincidence that the title refers to guardianship and imprisonment.

Xavier Legrand (this is the sequel to his Oscar-nominated short film Avant que de tout perdre from 2013, with the same adult protagonists) does not ease off the suspense, and works inexorably towards an almost unbearable climax. Often nerve-rackingly tight framing imprisons the characters; their naturalist acting brings them closer. This intense debut by Thomas Gioria is particularly striking in the role of scared yet surly Julien. The film won prizes in Venice for Best Director and Best Debut.

Place: The Cinemas 1

Date: 13 April 2018

Time: 19:00

Duration: 1:12

Place: The Cinemas 1

Date: 14 April 2018

Time: 14:00

Duration: 1:12

Place: The Cinemas 2

Date: 15 April 2018

Time: 13:30

Duration: 1:12

Year in Festival
Nathalie Durand
Denis Ménochet
Léa Drucker
Thomas Gioria
Mathilde Auneveux
Saadia Bentaïeb
Sophie Pincemaille
Emilie Incerti-Formentini
Yorgos Lamprinos
Alexandre Gavras
Production Company
K.G. Productions
Production Design
Jérémie Sfez
Celluloid Dreams
Xavier Legrand
Sound Design
Julien Sicart
Julien Roig
Vincent Verdoux
Year of Production

Xavier LEGRAND is a French actor, scriptwriter and filmmaker who received his training at the National Conservatory of Paris. He acted in several short films and films before starting his career as director. He was then nominated for an Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film for the film Just Before Losing Everything (2013). The success of this short film led to his feature debut Custody (2017). This film had its world premiere in Venice, where Legrand won the prize for best director and the Lion of the Future – Luigi De Laurentiis Award for best debut. 


Avant que de tout perdre/Just Before Losing Everything (2013, Short), Jusqu'à la garde/Custody (2017)