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7th edition: 11 April - 15 April 2018

Frantz (2017 Feature Film)

François Ozon | France, Germany | 2016 | color | DCP | 113 min | French, German | d.s.

A German woman grieving the death of her lover in World War I is shocked when his grave is visited by a Frenchman, who claims he was friends with her beloved before the war. The two bond over their shared connection, unaware of the true reason the Frenchman has come to visit.

World War I has come to an end. In a German village, Anna (Paula Beer) mourns the death of her fiancée, Frantz, who was killed on the front in France. Her parents are eager to marry her off to another German suitor, but she’s unwilling to entertain the option. She perks up with the surprise arrival of Adrien (Pierre Niney), a lanky Frenchman with a sexy mustache, who claims to have been close friends with Frantz, and taught him to play the violin. Initially, Anna’s father wants nothing to do with the man. Adrien proves to be such a charming presence, however, that even Anna’s family soon come around to embracing him, unaware of the true reason Adrien has come to visit the family.

Filmed mostly in black and white, colors are used only when the memories of Frantz are recalled, creating deeply moving scenes.

Place: CINEMA 2

Date: 6 April 2017

Time: 22:00

Duration: 1:30

Place: CINEMA 2

Date: 7 April 2017

Time: 14:00

Duration: 1:46

Place: CINEMA 4

Date: 9 April 2017

Time: 21:45

Duration: 1:25

Year in Festival
François Ozon
Pascal Marti
Pierre Niney
Paula Beer
Marie Gruber
Ernst Stötzner
Marie Gruber
Johann von Bülow
Anton von Lucke
Laure Gardette
113 min
Philippe Rombi
Eric Altmayer
Nicolas Altmayer
Stefan Arndt
Uwe Schot
Production Company
Mandarin Production
X Filme Creative Pool Gmdh
Production Design
Michel Barthémély
Films Distribution
François Ozon
Sound Design
Jean-Paul Hurier
Year of Production
François Ozon

François OZON (1967, France) is one of the most important French film/auteur directors of the last two decades. He studied Film and did a directing course at La Fémis. Since then he has been extremely productive and successful with films on themes such as transgression and sexuality.


Peau contre peau (1991, short), Thomas reconstitué (1992, short), Victor (1993, short), Une rose entre nous (1994, short), Action vérité (1994, short), La petite mort (1995, short), Jospin s'éclaire (1995), Une robe d'été (1996, short), Scènes de lit (1997, short), Regarde la mer/See the Sea (1997), X2000 (1998, short), Sitcom (1998), Les amants criminels/Criminal Lovers (1998), Gouttes d'eau sur pierres brûlantes/Water Drops on Burning Rocks (1999), Sous le sable/Under the Sand (2000), 8 femmes/8 Women (2002), Swimming Pool (2003), 5x2 (2004), Le temps qui reste/Time to Leave (2005), Un lever de Rideau/ A Curtain Raiser (2006, short), Angel (2007), Ricky (2009), Le refuge/The Refuge (2009), Potiche (2010), Dans la maison/In the House (2012), Jeune & jolie/Young and Beautiful (2013), Une nouvelle amie/The New Girlfriend (2014), Frantz (2016)