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8th edition: 10 April - 14 April 2019

Un tributo a Cheo Feliciano (2018 Feature Film)

Héctor Iván Rosa | Curacao, Puerto Rico, USA | 2018 | doc | color | DCP | 30' | Spanish | n.s.

MUSIC CALLS_Tribute to salsa giant and legend José Luis "Cheo" Feliciano. 

Tribute to salsa legend José Luis “Cheo” Feliciano (1935, Puerto Rico) presented by Top Stop Music. During his career, Feliciano gained many accolades and was most notably referred to as the giant of the salsa genre he so well represented. He made a name for himself in New York as a musician and singer. In the heyday of New York's thriving salsa scene in the 1970s, he sang with the long-running Fania All Stars. His music embodied the rhythm of Puerto Ricans living in New York City and his lyrics helped tell their collective story as migrants. “Cheo was one of the most important stalwarts and forces of our music," said Juan Moreno Velazquez, a New York-based journalist who has written biographies of salsa's biggest stars.

On 17 April 2014, Cheo died tragically in a fatal car accident in Puerto Rico. The passing of this icon left an immense pain throughout Latin America and his home country. Considered salsa royalty, Feliciano was awarded a Latin Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2008. 

Place: The Cinemas 3

Date: 13 April 2018

Time: 17:00

Duration: 0:45

Place: The Cinemas 3

Date: 15 April 2018

Time: 20:30

Duration: 0:45

Year in Festival
Héctor Iván Rosa
Ángel Castro
Puerto Rico
Lorenzo Ortiz
Alex J. Cuadrado
Frank A. Suarez
Gustavo Trucco
Production Company
Top Stop Music
Top Stop Music
Héctor “Tato” Rossy
Júnior Abrams
Héctor I. Rosa
Sound Design
Margarita Aponte
Year of Production

Héctor Iván Rosa (Puerto Rico) worked for many years as a recording engineer and re-recording mixer for artists such as Marc Anthony, José Feliciano, Olga Tañon, Draco Rosa, Ricky Martin, Paul Simon and many others. Since 1995 he is president and executive producer of Alfa Recording Studios. Since 2010 he is also owner. He produced and directed several music documentaries such as Un tributo a Cheo Feliciano.


(selection) Top Stop Music Presents: Un tributo a Cheo Feliciano (2018).